Five Impactful Print Campaigns that prove #PrintIsntDead!

July 12, 2017

With everything going paperless, you may believe that you are right in thinking that print is a thing of the past. Well, we have news my friend; print is very much alive and in fact, is more impactful and important than ever. In a world full of computer screens, mobile phones and tablets, print is becoming a rarity – making it all the more special when you see it. After all, how many adverts on your phone do you really remember? But that massive billboard on the side of the road or the poster down in the railway stations? Those are not things you easily forget. Then ironically, what do most people tend to do next? They take a picture and put it on social media!...


…Therefore, now we’re sure we’ve convinced you that print isn’t dead, we’re going to wow you with five of our favourite impactful print campaigns. 


1. Keloptic Opticians


Anyone who’s anyone knows Vincent Van Gogh. That’s why this print campaign is so incredibly genius!

Taking an iconic painting and suggesting that its deliberate blurred lines are actually due to bad eyesight, they have shown creativity like no other. This print campaign explains their product without the need for words, therefore making it internationally transferrable – simple, yet extremely effective.


Advertising Agency: Y+R Paris


2. WWF: Shark

Sharks. For many people that word is utterly horrifying, causing involuntary spine tingling and goosebumps up and down your arms. But what is even more terrifying? The thought of an ocean without them.

WWF have hit the nail on the head with this print campaign – and in terms of impact, we rate this very highly. Taking the iconic image of a dorsal fin breaking the surface of the water (an image that resonates fear) and putting it next to a completely bare ocean – in just three words, they have managed to give the shock factor and explain the purpose of their campaign in a way that invokes so many emotions.


Advertising Agency: DDB & Co., Istanbul, Turkey



3. Stop the Violence



Drinking and driving, and texting and driving are serious offences. Yet people still commit these crimes on a daily basis without stopping to think about the consequences of their actions. This simple, yet effective print campaign by Ecovia really makes you stop and think. You wouldn’t punch a complete stranger round the face, so why would you deliberately choose to drink or text whilst driving, which could cause even more damage than that?

By taking the campaign away from the usual images of car crashes and destruction (which people are becoming more immune to) this campaign brings the issue forward in a way that people can relate to and understand. It is extremely effective in making you think about your actions.


Advertising Agency: Terremoto Propaganda, Curitibia, Brazil



4. Colgate Floss




Flossing! We all know we should do it, but how many of us actually do? Well, after this print campaign we have certainly picked up some Colgate floss for ourselves!

The bright and beautiful colours, of fresh and healthy fruit are eye catching, drawing you into the advert. It is then you realise that all of those tiny little annoying seeds, which are often getting stuck in your teeth, are where they belong – on the floor and away from the fruit and away from you! The rest of the fruit is left untouched, undamaged.

Colgate cleverly insinuate their product benefits in that they can remove all the tiny, annoying little pieces of food that get stuck in your teeth without causing any harm. Again, there’s no wording here. Partly due to the fact Colgate need no introduction, but it important to consider simplicity and not forcing company USP’s in for the sake of it. Use imagery to let your product speak for itself! They are also subliminally encouraging people to eat healthily – and that is something we will always get behind!


Advertising Agency: Cerebro, Y+R, Panama



5. Durex


Although a little risqué, we couldn’t complete a blog on impactful print campaigns without including this beautiful poster by Durex. At first glance, if you’re anything like us, you will be thinking ‘Jeez Louise, car seats are expensive!’ But as your eyes travel further you notice the Durex logo, with another tag, stating ‘$2.50’. And then it hits you. And then the giggles start. And then the, “yeah, I’d much rather pay $2.50 now…” conversations start. 

Such a simple ad. So much hilarity. Extremely effective!...and again minimal wording!


Advertising Agency: Espiral DP, Guayaquil, Ecuador.


 So, there you have it. Five of our favourite print campaigns that prove that print is very much alive and well, and not hooked up to life support ready for us to mourn its’ passing.


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