Some Of The Best Christmas Jumpers That Have Given Us Some Serious Printspiration

December 20, 2017

Here at The PrintShop, we love Christmas! What’s not to love, Christmas dinner, festive decorations and presents! This year we’ve decided to do something a little bit different and give you a run down on our favourite Christmas jumpers.


No longer, the embarrassing present given by Grandmas across the country, they’re now a fashion staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Year-on-year these seem to get more creative and some of the prints are pretty impressive, so, we’ve decided to give you a run-through some of our favourites that have given us some serious printspiration!


 Awesome Prints


This Boohoo jumper is made for two and is certainly a bit different! The belt connects the two designs and fuses them together perfectly. It’s bright, colourful and a great print. And we imagine it be all over people’s social media feeds, this Christmas.



 Character Themed

Which leads us onto Christmas jumpers that feature the latest movies and TV programmes. There are many Star Wars jumpers available this Christmas, perfectly timed with the release of the latest movie in the series, The Last Jedi.

The first jumper can be found at Sainsbury’s and the second at Asda. Not only are these fun prints, they will be a must-have for fans of the sci-fi franchise.


This ‘Tesco value Christmas jumper’ was spotted on Etsy and we think it’s really clever. If Tesco weren’t behind this print, then it’s some great free marketing for them. It’s simple yet effective, and not overly festive or in your face for someone who has to begrudgingly wear a Christmas jumper this season.



Harry Potter fans can get their hands on this Boohoo jumper which is a play on the infamous ‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animal’ quote from Angels with Filthy Souls and Angels with Even Filthier Souls that is referenced in the Home Alone movies. This Harry Potter jumper not only features the quote, but also prints of iconic Potter items, such as his lightning scar and glasses.


Fans of Game of Thrones can head over to Amazon for these Christmas jumpers. The print here is clever and uses the infamous line from the show, ‘Winter is coming’.



Christmas Puns


This vegan Christmas jumper from features millennials reported favourite food, the avocado. This print is a clever play on a Christmas greeting which features the fruit ‘Avo Great Christmas’.


The following two jumpers from Fat Face are also a festive play on words, the first featuring a less festive animal, the rabbit, but the other is bang on the Christmas cheer and features Christmas trees!




 For A Good Cause


You can also raise money for a good cause when buying your festive knit with the following two jumpers. The first is from the Poppy Shop and raises money for The Royal British Legion. It cleverly integrates the poppy with festive prints such as Christmas trees and reindeer.



 The second raises money for the Wild at Heart Foundation and is also a play on words whilst featuring a cute festive dog!


So, there we have it, some Christmas jumpers that have given us serious printspiration. These designs would be perfect for your Christmas stationary, such as festive party invites or posters. It’ll be interesting to see the festive print trends in 2018!


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