10 of the most creative business cards on the market

December 20, 2018

In our last blog post, we unveiled our top tips for creating a business card that’ll get you noticed. But just in case you still need a bit of inspiration to get started, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some of the most creative, genius, original – and just plain wacky (more on that later) – cards currently on the market. If you’ve already read our last blog on the subject, you’ll know that the key to creating a great business card is in the design, the creativity, and the resonance to your brand. We think the below brands have nailed it – why not take a look and let us know what you think?

Bon Vivant

Source: demilked.com

This clever little business card for Brazilian cheese company, Bon Vivant was designed by ad agency JWT, and actually doubles up as a fully functioning cheese grater. Suffice to say, this business card isn’t going to be one that you slip in to your back pocket and forget about (but don’t worry if you do – it comes with a protective sleeve, so your trousers will be safe). Now that’s what we call multi-tasking!

James A.W. Mahon

Source: boredpanda.com

This ingenious design for divorce lawyer James A.W. Mahon’s features a perforated business card that is certainly practical, if a little cheeky! This creative card is well suited to it's trade, with the option to tear the card in two - leaving both parties with the contact details of the divorce lawyer in question. We suppose it’s more economical that way, at the very least?

Tok & Stok

Source: id8agency.com

Some business cards strive for professionalism, some aim for functionality. Others are just fun to build! This business card, for Brazilian furniture company Tok & Stok, can be built into a dining chair by following the instructions on the back. Clearly a well thought out design, the company’s contacts details are still clearly visible to the recipient, even once the card is transformed into the shape of the chair. Clever!

Lush Lawns

Source: mashable.com

Another great example of doubling up your business card as something practical that your clients can use comes from Michigan based lawn and property business, Lush. Designed by creative agency Struck, this business card doubles up as an envelope containing real lawn seeds for the recipient to use. Totally on brand, this card promotes the business while giving the recipient something to plant themselves – and who doesn’t love a harmless gimmick, after all?

The Bombay Bicycle

Source: pinterest.com

Perhaps not one of the most practical business card on our list, but this fun (and tasty) design comes from The Bombay Bakery. This business card comes “printed” on an actual edible biscuit, in a variety of flavours. The only downside to this is…well, obvious, isn’t it? Basically, just make sure to write the number down on a piece of paper before you get stuck in!

Zohra Mouhetta Personal Training

Source: boredpanda.com

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… and this business card speaks volumes! Created by advertising agency Leo Burnett, this business card is designed with a perforated line to tear of the subject’s bulging belly, to promote the services of personal trainer, Zohra Mouhetta. At the very least, the messaging is pretty crystal clear on this one!

Diner Cafe

Source: letterjdi.org

Designed by MOO, these business cards cater for the truly social media savvy amongst us! Designed to mimic the business’ Facebook page, these are a fun printed version the famous social network, and is a brilliant way to possess a fun, creative business card while effectively promoting your social media presence too. For extra measure, the back of the card promotes 10% off your next meal if you ‘like’ their Facebook page. Brilliant!

Vitor Bonates

Source: creativemanilla.com

Vinyl lovers, rejoice! While the initial design might have you believing this business card belongs to a musician, this fun spin on the classic business card actually belongs to graphic designer, Vitor Bonates. The card features a record sleeve that produces the ‘vinyl’ with Vitor’s details on it. Creative, certainly, and if you’re looking for a graphic designer we reckon this clever little design will help him stand out from the crowd.

Shyama Golden

Source: speckyboy.com

Anyone who grew up with name that wasn’t very common, or simply grew up with a name with a non-traditional spelling, will truly appreciate this one from Shyama Golden. With the use of a fun image and the helpful note, ‘rhymes with llama!’, Shyama cleverly attempts to pre-empt any mis-pronunciation of his name on his business card.

Danielle Abisaab Yoga

Source: randaldobbs.wordpress.com

The perfect business card for the fidgeters amongst us, this card for yoga instructor Danielle Abisaab was produced by Kapil Bhimekar. The design, which is constructed of bendy PVC, flips over to reveal the other half of the contact details, while also giving you a little indication of what your body could be doing in one of her classes!

So, did you have a favourite? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram ! And if you’ve got inspired and want a chat about creating your bespoke business card, get in touch by filling out the online form on our website, or by contacting howdy@printshop.uk.com.